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Mixed-Reality at Persepolis

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The head of Persepolis World Heritage Site declared that “at the time that the deputy of ICHTO and the UNESCO assessor was visiting Persepolis the technology of mixed-reality (MR) software started to be used at Persepolis”.

According to the public relations department of the site Mr. Rezaei said that the visitors can visit Persepolis as a (3D) restored place through the glasses of this software; he added that this technology increases visual attractions of the environment by using 3D effects and animations. He also said that this software is considered as a supplementary device for tour guides and is used and unveiled for the first time at Persepolis when the deputy of ICHTO and the UNESCO assessor was visiting Persepolis.

According to Mr. Rezaei Monfared “applying technology in providing services for the visitors of historical places which is a sign of development, can be effective in managing visits of the monuments”.

This technology has been designed by fond and creative Iranian youth which in one hand can provide a better view from the Persepolis monuments and in another will decrease the probable and human-made damages to this place and it can also help the visitors to see the vulnerable places where they cannot go to visit.

 Source: Public Relations Department of Persepolis World Heritage Site

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