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The fifth Volume of Parsa-Pasargadae Quarterly has been published

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Public Relations Department of Persepolis World Heritage Base announced that the fifth volume of Parsa-Pasargadae Quarterly includes the following parts:

Managing Director Statement by Masoud Rezaei Monfared, the head of Persepolis World Heritage Base, and Doctor Hamid Fadaei, the head of Pasargadae World Heritage Base.

Interview: with the Director General of Iran’s National and World Heritage Affairs Office, Farhad Azizi.

On news line: The first three months of the year (1396) news of Persepolis and Pasargadae World Heritage Base.

Lotus: Getting familiar with the notion of ‘Rah-e Shah’name’, old architecture of Pasargadae area

Memorial: Of the great Professor, Shahriyar Adl

History: Castle and Fortifications of Naqsh-e Rostam

Hatch:  Golden Bracelet

Charsou:  Monuments gradual corruption and demolition/ Archeological studies of Marvdasht plain (Tol Kamin)

Report: Studies of brick in Pasargadae/ Unfinished museum at Pasargadae/ Paint Exhibition at Persepolis Museum

Treasury: Stony plate, tumbler and mortar

The Last Page: Unillustrated carved surface

The content of this quarterly is available now on Persepolis-Pasargadae Telegram Channel:



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