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The UNESCO Assessor Visited Persepolis

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he UNESCO assessor travelled to Iran in order to visit and assess Sassanid monuments and the activities done along inscribing these Sites on UNESCO; on this trip he also visited Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam and Tol-e Ajori on 28 September 2017.

His answer to this question “How do you assess Persepolis?” was ‘perfect’. 

The UNESCO expert and assessor Asaad Seif, visited Restoration workshops, Persepolis museum, Treasury workshop and the Excavations along Persepolis waterways. The deputy of Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (CHHTO), Dr. Mohammad Hasan Talebiyan, The director manager of Fars CHHTO, Mosayyeb Amiri, The head of Persepolis World Heritage Site, Masoud Rezaei Monfared, The director of Italian archaeologists’ team, Prof. Kaliri and The Director of Iranian archaeologists’ team at excavations of Tol-e Ajori were present during this visit.

The UNESCO assessor also visited the achievements of the Persepolis World Heritage Site, its specialized library and had a meeting with the Persepolis staffs.

 The deputy of Iranian CHHTO considered this visit important as it can show that Iranian experts, researchers and workers are also scientists and technicians and can cooperate with other countries in scientific and technical matters. The deputy of Iranian CHHTO, Mohammad Hasan Talebiyan visited restoration workshops and excavations along water ways at Persepolis site and gave some suggestions for improving the results of the on-going activities.

Source: public relations department of Persepolis world heritage site

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