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The head of Persepolis World Heritage Site announced the beginning of organizing Persepolis entrance road project (about 1080 meters) which costs 16 billion Rials.

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The Executive Operation of Organizing Persepolis Entrance Road

The operation of organizing Persepolis entrance road from Mellal square to Persepolis has been started.

Masoud Rezaei Monfared declared “a city gate has a great importance and this is more crucial in cultural-historical sites”. He continued “one of the priorities of the Persepolis World Heritage Site has been the organization of the entrance road of Persepolis from Mellal square since last year” according to the Public Relations Department of the Persepolis World Heritage Site.

He announced that the first executed project of organizing Persepolis entry was a pilot plan which covered about 990 square meters. The advisory committee agreed this project to be executed after evaluating its week and strong points and then it was put out to tender.  

He announced the beginning of this project on a 1080-meters area with the width of 7.5 meters which is 8100 square meters totally.

Rezaei Monfared claimed that this project consists of constructing pavements with a path for wheelchairs, bike roads and a secure marginal car parking and then the road will be lighted too.

 The cost of this project will be paid from the budget of 1395-1396 and it’s expected to increase up to 25 percent more. He said hopefully that this project can decorate the area and will result in visitors’ satisfaction.

Source: Public Relations Department of the Persepolis World Heritage Site, 16 October 2017



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