Thursday, 03 May 2018 05:28

Mr. Rezaei Monfared said good bye to Persepolis and his colleague and announced his resignation from being the head of Persepolis World Heritage Site

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In The Name Of God the Merciful the Compassionate

My dear colleagues

I praise God to give me the opportunity to be and work at cultural heritage organizations specially Persepolis World Heritage Site and to be with you all gentle and kind colleagues. I gain and learn a lot from your science, techniques, kindness and morality during all these years. I express my gratitude to you and pray to almighty God and want him to help and support you a lot. As my resignation request has been accepted here by I say good bye to you, I wish I can put my energy and do my best in another place. Good bye dear friends and colleagues. I deeply want you all to forgive my faults.

It has been a privilege to be with you and I honor it a lot.

Sincerely yours

Masoud Rezaei Monfared

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