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Persepolis Projects during Last Year

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Applied researches, construction and reformation operations, conservation and restoration activities, archeological excavations and providing software and hardware in order to introduce monuments and sites to people have been the priorities of all the World and National Heritage Sites. Persepolis World Heritage Site had also done lots of such activities during last year. According to a report published by “Miras Arya News Agency” the public relation department of Persepolis world heritage site said that Masoud Rezaei Monfared, the head of Persepolis Site declared “more than 30 projects on 5 main subjects had been implemented last year at Persepolis”.

He also pointed to this fact that the society pays special attention to cultural heritages and continued “we are in a situation that most of the news titles are caring about cultural heritages and historical places, specially the way how to conserve, restore and introduce them and doing applied researches are the main topics which people and authorities are worried about them”. He said “a look to what had been done during last year will show that most of the activities that had been done at Persepolis were to empower the opportunities and to reduce critical conditions”. Rezaei Monfared added “the project of 3D documentation by using laser scanning technology at Naqsh-e Rostam, the project of conserving and restoring the tomb of Xerxes included documenting the tomb and its reliefs, installing a 65-meter high workshop (stage) and starting restoration studies, establishing data bank for archeological fragments, investigating the seismic behavior of the “all nation gate” structure using DES 3 software, preparing archeological map of Marvdasht plain (Parsa city) and organizing bilingual tourist guide boards and etc. are the main activities which have been done at Persepolis”.

He said “ the other main activities are as follow, installing restoration workshop, monitoring the northern wall of the Persepolis platform, conserving the monuments zone doing case study, preparing Geo-referencing map of Persepolis, Istakhr city and Naqsh-e Rostam zones’ signs, doing an applied research to organize and categorize the pottery warehouse of Persepolis, studying the hydraulic function of the Persepolis drainage system, installing 21 closed-circuit cameras connecting to the monitoring center, adding Persepolis to the optical fiber network,Fencing Persepolis Fortifications, draining surface water from the Persepolis double staircases entrance, investigating about the harmful plants in Persepolis southern area, reforming and organizing the Persepolis entrance area, designing and decorating the Persepolis entrance area from the southern part of the entrance gate to the Apadana Hotel, installing restoration workshop at the Apadana Palace and the Treasury and the Hundred Columns Palace, and workshops of restoring potteries, glazed bricks of the Harem, doing activities for training and presenting like publishing brochures, improving internet site of Persepolis, gathering the site’s report and articles in a quarterly and holding research and train courses at Persepolis”.  

He also pointed that “the excavations of Tol-e Ajori by a group of archeologists from Italy and Iran, underground channels excavations and the first phase of the Persepolis southern wall excavations had been continued during last year and the handicrafts shop that was near the museum at Persepolis had been moved to the coffee shop area, mixed reality, an applied applications and Tourgardoon which is a software for mobiles are designed for the visitors of Persepolis to gain more information about the site”. Mr. Rezaei Monfared said that these mentioned activities are the most important ones which have been done in order to improve the conservation, restoration and research conditions at Parsa Site and declared that in spite of all these activities “the world heritage sites including Persepolis have a lot to reach the ideals”



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